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Asco 4000 Auto Transfer Switch (1Ph, 30A)

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This Asco Series 4000 transfer switch automatically transfers single phase loads up to 30A. Designed for industrial applications, the Asco 4000 is ideal for transferring all types of loads including motors, electronic drives, UPS’s, and microprocessor based systems.


  • Reliable and field-proven solenoid operating mechanism for high speed transfer of loads.
  • Conventional Open Transition (break-before-make) two-position transfer configuration.
  • UL listed to 1008 Transfer Switch Equipment & CSA certified to CSA 22.2 No.178-1978 Automatic Transfer Switches.
  • Qualified to IEC 60947-6-1, CE marked (optional). (Limited to certain accessories.)
  • Programmable microprocessor controller with keypad and LCD display.
  • Industrial grade user interface with integrated controls and indicating lights.
  • Convenient one tine diagram with switch position and source acceptability LED indicators.
  • Standard ground conductor connections.
  • Four auxiliary contacts, two contacts closed when switch is in normal position and two contacts closed when switch is in emergency position.
  • Local/remote communications capability for interfacing with ASCO PowerQuest® or SiteWeb® communication products.
  • Solid neutral, with fully-rated terminals. (AL-CU) UL Listed.
  • NEMA 1 indoor enclosure standard (but see options below).


Asco Series 4000 Microprocessor Controller (Group 5)

  • asco4000-controller-in.jpgAdvanced digital microprocessor.
  • Voltage, frequency, control, timing and diagnostic functions.
  • Microprocessor logic board is separated and isolated from the power board to improve electrical noise immunity performance and assure compliance with rigorous transient suppression standards.
  • Allows the user to easily access detailed information on: system, power source parameters, voltage, frequency and time delay settings, optional feature settings, historical event log, and system diagnostics.
  • A four line, 20 character LCD has a backlit display which enables easy viewing under all conditions (see Asco 4000 Brochure below for screen shots).
  • All screens can be navigated using only six buttons.
  • Touch pad programming of features and settings without the need for meters or variable power supplies.
  • On-board diagnostics provide control panel and ATS status information to analyze system performance.
  • Displays and counts down active timing functions.
  • Selectable multi-language display (English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or French).
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized tampering of settings.
  • For more detailed information, see 4000 Series Microprocessor Controllers.

Asco Series 4000 User Interface

  • 4000seriesuserinterface-o-in.jpgConvenient One Line Diagram – Provides a clear view of the position of the transfer switch, as well as the acceptability of the Normal and Emergency sources.
  • Source Acceptability LEDs – Provide true indication of the acceptability of each source, as determined by the voltage, frequency, voltage unbalance, and phase sequence settings of the control panel.
  • Transfer Switch Position LEDs – Provide an indication of which source the transfer switch is connected to.
  • Transfer Test – Allows the user to test the operation of the transfer switch under a simulated failure of the normal source. Holding for 15 seconds allows time for the engine generator to come online and the transfer switch to transfer the load.
  • Retransfer to Normal – Allows the user to bypass the programmed Retransfer to Normal time delay upon the return of the normal source when the switch has transfered to emergency either during normal operation or a transfer test.
  • Lamp Test – Provides a convenient way to verify the functionality of all LEDs on the User Interface.
  • User Controls Locked – Visually displays the status of the keypad lock feature of the control panel. When illuminated, the buttons of the User Interface are disabled and the user must enter a password into the control panel to unlock the switch. When LED is blinking, the controls are temporarily unlocked for five minutes from the last button pressed.


Asco 4000 Brochure

Asco 4000 Microprocessor Controller

TRANSFER SWITCH OPTIONS (Please Call for Pricing)

  • No neutral or Switched neutral.
  • Other 50/60 Hz voltages up to 600 VAC.
  • Other Enclosures: Open Style, NEMA Type 3R, 4, 4X, or 12.
  • Extended Warranties.


Accessories ordered with your transfer switch will be factory-installed (as applicable).

  • Accessory 2C Engine Starting Time Delay – Provides an extended time delay on engine starting. The standard feature one time delay is adjustable from zero to six seconds. Accessory 2C allows this time delay to be adjustable from zero to sixty minutes in one second intervals factory set at five minutes.
  • Accessory 6C Reset Switch – for manual retransfer to normal.
  • asco4000-18z-sm.jpgAccessory 18Z Relay Board – Includes one Form C contact (Rated 2A @ 30VDC or 0.5A@ 125VAC) for each of the following: Normal Source Acceptability, Emergency Source Acceptability, Selective Load Disconnect (Pre and post transfer signal time delay for selective load disconnect with a programmable bypass on source failures – adjustable 0 to 5 minutes), and Fourth contact can be set to mimic the acceptability contacts or annunciate any combination of the acceptability contacts and/or any switch alarm conditions available. Extends eninge starting time delay up to 60 seconds when connected to an external 24VDC power supply.
  • Accessory 14A/14B Auxiliary Contacts – Additional auxiliary contact sets to indicate switch position (two sets come standard).
  • Accessory 30A Load Shedding – Load-shedding circuit initiated by opening of a customer-supplied contact.
  • Accessory 30B Load Shedding – Load-shedding circuit initiated by removal of customer-supplied control voltage. (Specify voltage).
  • acc-44g-sm.jpgAccessory 44A Strip Heater – Prevents condensation and freezing of condensation. External 120 volt power source required. Includes thermostat.
  • Accessory 44G Strip Heater – Prevents condensation and freezing of condensation. Wired to load terminals. Includes thermostat.
  • Accessory 135L Power Meter 5210 – Offers local monitoring of power and energy information on the Asco 4000 load side.
  • Accessory 72EE2 Ethernet Connectivity Module 5170 – Provides easy and reliable Ethernet connectivity to the transfer switch for monitoring and control. Contains embedded web pages for the remote monitoring of ASCO products, as well as some 3rd party devices. Also provides Serial-to-Ethernet link with ability to communicate using Modbus/TCP.
  • Accessory 150A Tech Package – Includes Accessory 135L Power Meter 5210, Accessory 72EE2 Connectivity Module 5170, Accessory 1PS1 UPS with extended 25 second ride through for ATS controller/135L/72EE2, and provisions for customer supplied 24VDC back-up power.
  • Accessory 107G Monitoring Gateway – Monitors the state and performance of your transfer switch and associated devices, including engine-generators, utility power quality meters, surge protection devices, and circuit breakers.
  • Accessory 75/85 Power Meter 5200 Series – Provides real-time power monitoring of Asco 4000 load side (L), normal side (N), or emergency side (M). With LCD display (85) or without (75). Remote monitoring with optional connectivity module and monitoring system.
  • Single Channel 5310 Remote Annunciator – Provides remote monitoring and control of one Asco 4000 transfer switch. Requires Accessory 72EE2.
  • Eight Channel 5350 Remote Annunciator – Provides remote monitoring and control of up to eight Asco 4000 transfer switches. Requires Accessory 72EE2.
  • Eight Device 5705 Remote Annunciator – Provides remote monitoring and control of up to eight devices via Ethernet, RS485, and Discrete Inputs. Applicable devices include transfer switches, engine-generator, load banks, and surge protection systems. Integrates with Building Monitoring Systems and automatically generates NFPA test reports as needed.
  • PowerQuest 5710 Critical Power Management System – Offers monitoring and control of up to 32 devices from a web browser accessible server with a 22 inch touchscreen.
  • PowerQuest 5750 Critical Power Management System – Offers monitoring and control of up to 64 devices from a web browser accessible server with a 22 inch touchscreen.
  • PowerQuest 5790 Critical Power Management System – Offers monitoring and control of up to 128 devices from a web browser accessible server with a 22 inch touchscreen.
  • Other options may be available. Please call to inquire.
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