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Asco PowerQuest 5750 Professional CPMS

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The Asco PowerQuest 5750 Professional Critical Power Management System offers monitoring and control of up to 64 devices with expanded “Power to Know” capabilities including energy summary, real-time values, equipment status, notifications, reports, historical trending, and alarm logs from a web browser accessible server with a 22 inch touchscreen.


  • Monitor and control Asco 4000 and 7000 transfer switches, as well as engine/gen-sets, using an Asco connectivity unit.
  • Alarm notifications from condensed emails.
  • View active alarms in consolidated screens and review historical alarms in stored and printable logs.
  • Automated test and outage reports capturing generator run times, thresholds and transfer switch transfer times for assessment of equipment health and reliability stored on the CPMS server and automatically emailed to users.
  • Energy and alarm reports with graphs showing usage and occurrences for quick digestibility that can be manually generated or automatically emailed at weekly or monthly intervals.
  • User activity reports track the names of logins, attempted logins, transfers and IO operations with a date and time stamp.
  • Review historical trends of parameters in monitored equipment.
  • Graphical overview screen of all monitored equipment with real-time status.
  • Details Screen for monitoring equipment showing status, alarm, power, and energy information.
  • Remotely monitor, transfer, and re-transfer Asco and third-party transfer switches.
  • View event logs, controller settings, and engine exerciser test schedules of Asco transfer switches.
  • Configure and comprehensively monitor onsite equipment with Asco’s power metering and IO units.
  • Synchronize Asco controllers and meters to the PowerQuest CPMS server’s time.
  • Monitor up to 64 of a facility’s critical power equipment.
  • Browser access for up to 10 remote clients via a local network or the internet.
  • Four levels of security with password protection. Users can be configured for view only rights, the ability to transfer/re-transfer switches and operate IO or the ability to change settings.
  • Provides browser and resolution independence (600 x 480 to 1920 x 1080).
  • Windows® and Apple® Mac OS® support.​

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