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HIPOWER HFW 100 T6U Standby Generator (3PH, 100kW)

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The HIPOWER HFW 100 T6U Diesel Standby Generator offers a FPT Iveco diesel engine, three phase voltages, and up to 100 kW of power.

HFW100 Models
Voltage Phase PF Standby kW Standby kVA
120/208V 3 0.8 100.0 125.0
120/240V 3 0.8 100.0 125.0
277/480V 3 0.8 100.0 125.0
347/600V 3 0.8 N/A N/A


  • Iveco Diesel Engine: Long-life, heavy-duty, 4-cycle, direct injection engine from a world renown manufacturer for economy of operation and maximum reliability and durability. Capable of full rated load acceptance in one step.
  • Cooling: Radiator with belt driven pusher fan.
  • Filtration: Heavy duty replaceable element air-cleaner.
  • Alternator: Single bearing, 4-pole, rotating field, self-excited, self-ventilated, 12-wire re-connectable, 60Hz brushless alternator with Class H insulation. Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) providing close voltage regulation.
  • DSE 7310 Control Panel: HIPOWER’s auto-start control panel DSE 7310 is supplied by Deep Sea Electronics with a manual or auto start selection switch with push button reset. Includes numerous dispalys and alarms. See spec sheet for further details.
  • Starting System: 12 volt starter motor, battery cables, battery and belt driven charging alternator.
  • Arrangement: Open skid with engine and alternator units closed coupled together and with resilent anti-vibration isolators mounted between the assembly and a heavy-duty steel base. The sturdy base frame has openings allowing for winching, slinging and lifting.
  • Overload Protection: Main line ABB UL listed circuit breaker.
  • Certification: Generator set is UL2200 certified and meets ISO 8528-5.


  • OPEN – No Enclosure. Gen-set must be placed within a weather-protected area, uninhabited by humans or animals, with proper ventilation.
  • ENCLOSURE – Sound-attenuated canopy with rock-wool insulation, silencer, rounded corners for rigidity and weather protection & stainless steel fixtures.


  • 24-Hour, UL 142.
  • 48-Hour, UL 142.


HFW 100 T6U Spec Sheet


  • Electric Actuator & Louvers (for air intake and exhaust, requires optional enclosure).
  • Residential Silencer (for open units).
  • 6A Battery Charger.
  • 10A Battery Charger.
  • Engine Block Heater.
  • Control Panel Heater.
  • Battery Blanket.
  • Alternator Anti-Condensation Heaters.
  • Duct-Mounted Load Bank (30% of generator power).
  • Remote Annunciator.

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