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HIPOWER HRNG380 Generator (298kW)

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The HIPOWER HRNG380 mobile gaseous generator offers up to 298 kW of single/three phase power at a quiet 76 dBA.


  • Single Voltage Model (1Ph 120/240V, 3Ph 120/208V, 3Ph 277/480V, or 3Ph 347/600V)
  • 3-Position Lockable Voltage Selector Switch Model (1Ph 120/240V, 3Ph 120/208V, and 3Ph 277/480V)


  • Alternator: Single bearing, rotating field, self-excited, self-ventilated, 12-wire re-connectable, 60Hz brushless alternator with permanent magnetic generator (PMG) for reduced service and maintenance requirements, with Class H insulation. Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) providing close voltage regulation. Has a high skVA starting capability for electric motor loads.
  • Controls: DSE 7310 digital control panel to operate all manual and automatic start and stop features. Many programmable automatic functions for local and remote controls with LED lights. Numerous engine/alternator alarms and meters/gauges.
  • PSI-HD Engine: Long-life, heavy-duty, 4-cycle, gaseous engine from a world renown manufacturer for economy of operation and maximum reliability and durability.
  • Heaters: Water jacket heater is now standard. Other heaters available – see options below.
  • Batteries: Heavy-duty engine start batteries in rack with cables.
  • Exhaust: Vertical air discharge for quiet operation. Effective low noise, steel residential-type exhaust silencer and catalytic converter with rain cap.
  • Cooling: Radiator with belt driven pusher fan.
  • Filtration: Heavy duty replaceable element air-cleaner.
  • Overload Protection: Mainline ABB circuit breaker.
  • Certification: Generator set is CSA certified.


  • Fully-lockable 11-gauge sound-attenuated enclosure.
  • Powder coated with finish exceeding 1000-hr salt spray test.
  • Wide steel lockable access doors with rubber seals, for easy entrance of all maintenance personnel and any necessary service by technicians.


  • 3-axle DOT trailer, hydraulic surge or electric brakes, pintle ring hitch.


HRNG380 Spec Sheet

OPTIONS (Order with Generator)

  • Voltage Selector Switch (3-Position)
  • Distribution Panel with Receptacles (Multi-Voltage Models only)
  • Distribution Panel with Mechanical Lugs and Camlocks
  • Heavy-Duty Skid for winching/slinging
  • Battery Charger
  • Alternator Anti-Condensation Heaters
  • Control Panel Heater
  • Intake Winter Covers
  • Electric Intake Shutters & Actuator System
  • Electric or Hydraulic Oulet Shutters and Actuator System
  • Snow Hood (Air Outlet)
  • Snow Hood (Air Intake)
  • Oil Make Up System
  • Shore Power Receptacle
  • Please call to inquire about other possible options

Prime Power (LPG)

Prime Power (NG)

Voltage Options - 3 Phase

Voltage Option - 1 Phase

Optional Voltage Selector Switch

Voltage Regulation


Frequency Regulation

Power Factor


Receptacles (Single Phase)

Sound Level


Engine Starting System


Fuel Consumption - LP

Fuel Consumption - NG

Dimensions LxWxH (inches)

Dry Weight w/o Trailer

Generator Warranty


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