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Ronk 2PS-OF Econo-Phase Shifter (3-60 hp, 240V)

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Ronk 2PS-OF Econo-Phase Shifters convert 1Ph 240V to 3Ph 240V for many 3-60 hp single motor applications.  Ideal for oil field pump jacks and woodworking equipment. Please call for low discounted pricing and expert sales/application assistance.


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  • Cost effective, high efficiency phase converter for use in single motor applications where 100% continuous duty is not required.
  • Supplies both starting and running current from single phase service to all three legs of a three phase motor to provide high starting torque and rugged operation.
  • Ideal for drill presses, grinders, mills, saws and other machine or woodworking equipment.
  • Proven performer for use on Pump jack applications in the oil and gas industry where Design D motors are typically used. Utilizes extra heavy components matched to the surging loads and ability to operate continuously, as needed, in these applications due to the high peak voltage that can occur when the motor runs over-speed in the down stroke and acts as a generator.
  • Utilizes run capacitors to maintain maximum current on all three phases.
  • Capacitors sized on actual horsepower rating of the motor, allowing motors at the upper range of their rating not to be short of capacitance when operating in a heavily loaded condition.
  • Operates most motors at full load as needed and provides 3/4 load on a continuous basis.
  • Operates both WYE and Delta motors with no “special” motor connections required.
  • Housed in a NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure.
  • UL Listed.

Econo-Phase Shifters Spec Sheet

HP/Model Comparison Chart
Motor HP / Model Single Phase
Full Load Amps
3 hp 2PS-OF 13A 12 lbs.
5 hp 2PS-OF 20A 15 lbs.
7.5 hp 2PS-OF 30A 18 lbs.
10 hp 2PS-OF 40A 30 lbs.
15 hp 2PS-OF 60A 34 lbs.
20 hp 2PS-OF 80A 38 lbs.
25 hp 2PS-OF 95A 52 lbs.
30 hp 2PS-OF 115A 55 lbs.
40 hp 2PS-OF 150A 62 lbs.
50 hp 2PS-OF 185A 68 lbs.
60 hp 2PS-OF 220A 72 lbs.





Single Phase Full Load Amps

Dimensions HxWxD (inches)


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