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Asco 7000 Power Meter 5210 with CT’s (135L)

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The Asco 7000 Power Meter 5210 (Option 135L) with CT’s monitors and provides enhanced energy and power information.


  • Enhanced monitoring features include power metering, energy consumption, and power demand.
  • For use with Asco 7000 transfer switches – sized by transfer switch amp size: 30-400A, 600-1200A, 1600-2000A, or 2600-3000A.
  • Setup provided from the front of the module includes CT rating (xxxxx:5), PT rating (xxxxxxx:120) (if applicable; 24000V maximum), System type (single or three phase; 3 or 4 wire), and Communication parameters.
  • Continuous duty, long life, 4 line x 20 character LCD backlit display provides monitoring via menu scroll buttons.

LCD Display Monitoring

  • Current per phase RMS and neutral (if applicable).
  • Current Unbalance %.
  • Voltage, phase to phase and phase to neutral.
  • Voltage Unbalance %.
  • Real power (kW): per phase and 3 phase total.
  • Apparent power (kVA): per phase and 3 phase total.
  • Reactive power (kVAR): per phase and 3 phase total.
  • Power factor: per phase and 3 phase total.
  • Frequency.
  • Accumalted Energy, (MWH,MVAH, and MVARH).
  • Total harmonic distortion.
Product Number

Accessory Number

Transfer Switch Compatibility

Nominal Frequency Range

Control Power Input Range

Operating Temperature Range



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