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Asco 7000 Power Meter 5400 Series (140L)

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The Asco 7000 Power Meter 5400 Series (Option 140L) continuously records waveforms at high-speed and identifies transients, sags/swells and harmonics. Installation examples include generators, utility mains, transfer switches, UPS systems, paralleling gear, TVSS, PDUs, and critical power distribution switchboards.


  • Continuous Waveform Recording (CWR) Technology provides complete data for accurate power quality analysis.
  • Millisecond time-stamp accuracy and synchronization for precise sequence of events analysis.
  • CWR Technology eliminates the need to setup any thresholds, triggers and events.
  • Automatic measurement compensation based on internal temperature monitoring ensures maximum accuracy.
  • Automated reports are generated for prescheduled periods and exported in COMTRADE and PQDIF (event reports), PDF, EXCEL, HTML and TXT (all other reports).
  • Provides compliance testing to parameters in accordance with EN50160 and IEC 61000-4-15 / IEC 61000-4-30.
  • Real time monitoring with integrated web pages and alerts by email notifications.


  • 5410 Entry Level (Accessory 140L).
  • 5450 Advanced (Accessory 140LS, 140SB for Bypass Transfer Switch).
  • 5490 Mission Control (Accessory 140LX, 140XB for Bypass Transfer Switch).

See brochure below for comparison of each model and full specs.


5400 Series Brochure

Product Number

Accessory Number

Transfer Switch Compatibility


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