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Gillette SP-620 Standby Generator (62kW)

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The Gillette SP-620 Standby Generator offers a GM engine, single or three phase voltages, and up to 62 kW of power using LP or Natural Gas. Engineered for reliability, durability, and performance.

SP-620 Models
Model Phase, Voltage,
Power Factor
LP Gas
kW, kVA, Amps
Natural Gas
kW, kVA, Amps
SP-620-1-1 1 Phase,  120/240V,
60kW, 60kVA,
58kW, 58kVA,
 SP-620-3-2 3 Phase,  120/208V,
62kW, 77.5kVA,
 60kW, 75kVA,
 SP-620-3-3 3 Phase,  120/240V,
62kW, 77.5kVA,
 60kW, 75kVA,
 SP-620-3-4 3 Phase,  277/480V,
62kW, 77.5kVA,
 60kW, 75kVA,
SP-620-3-5 3 Phase,  127/220V,
62kW, 77.5kVA,
60kW, 75kVA,
SP-620-3-16 3 Phase, 346/600V,
62kW, 77.5kVA,
60kW, 75kVA,


  • All generator sets are USA prototype built and thoroughly tested. Production models are USA factory built and 100% load tested.
  • Solid state, frequency compensated voltage regulation is standard.
  • A brushless rotating field generator design with shunt wound excitation system and connectable at 1 phase or a broad range of 3 phase voltages.
  • Deep Sea 7420 digital controller allows programming to basic engine functions in the field. Controller has stop-manual-auto mode and engine shutdowns, signaled by full text LCD indicators. Includes power monitoring, event logging, and hour meter.
  • Electronic engine governor incorporates a throttle body actuator for precise isochronous frequency regulation.
  • Heavy-duty circuit breaker is standard on all gen-sets.
  • Battery tray, cables, straps, and charger included.
  • Meets NFPA-110 Level 1 when equipped with the necessary accessories and installed per NFPA standards.
  • UL-1446 and UL-2200 Certified.


  • OPEN STYLE – No Enclosure: Gen-set must be placed within a weather protected area, un-inhabited by humans or animals, with proper ventilation. Silencer and flexible exhaust hose are not supplied , as installation requirements are not known. However, these two items are available as optional equipment.
  • LEVEL 2 – Aluminum Housing: Full weather protection and superior sound attenuation for specific low noise applications. Critical grade silencer is standard. Average sound level of 67 dBA at 23 ft.
Enclosure Dimensions and Weights
Enclosure Dimensions (inches)
L x W x H
Single Phase
Weight (lbs)
Three Phase
Weight (lbs)
Open Style 78 x 42 x 38 1931 1891
Level 2 94 x 42 x 53 2456 2416


SP-620 Spec Sheet

SP-620 Open Drawing

SP-620 Enclosure Drawing


  • Engine Coolant Heater
  • Enclosure Space Heater
  • Starting Battery Heater Blanket
  • 10A Battery Charger Upgrade
  • 20A Battery Charger Upgrade
  • Voltage Selector Switch – modular design rotory cam for switchable voltages: 3PH 208/480 and 1PH 120/240
  • Emergency Stop Switch – mounted in a NEMA 4X small enclosure, UL Listed, Suitable for remote locations, Complies with NFPA-110 requirements.
  • Emergency Stop Switch – mounted in a “Break Glass Station” NEMA 3R small enclosure, UL Listed, Suitable for remote locations, Complies with NFPA-110 requirements
  • NFPA-110 Compliance Package: Includes 16 lamp dual (8) display remote annunciators (choice of flush-mount or surface-mount) and a heavy-duty 10A 12/24 VDC battery charger
  • External Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) for improved motor starting capabilities and un-interrupted excitation power
  • External Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) with Digital Voltage Regulator (DVR) for improved motor starting capabilities, un-interrupted excitation power, and RMS sensing
  • Critical Grade Silencer Upgrade for average sound level of 74 dBA at 23 ft with an Open Gen-Set (standard with Level 2 Enclosure)
  • Hospital Grade Silencer Upgrade for average sound level of 62 dBA at 23 ft in a Level 2 Enclosure
  • R7 Foam Insulation (4-5 dBA sound reduction)
  • Paralleling Package
  • Liquid LP Fuel System
  • Dual Fuel (LPG/NG) Automatic Fuel Switching
  • 1″ Felxible Dry Fuel Line
  • 600 CCA 12VDC Starting Battery
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Generator Enclosure Lights
  • Liquid Containment Pan – installed under frame base
  • Spring Vibration Mounts
  • Motorized Dampers
  • Isolator Mounting Pads
  • Controller Upgrades and Alarm Interfaces
  • Asco 300 Automatic Transfer Switch (See Accessories Tab for a partial listing or follow this link for a full listing)
  • Five Year Extended Warranty

Standby Power Rating - LP

Standby Power Rating - NG



Voltage Regulation


Power Factor

Sound Level at 7m


Engine Starting System

Fuel Consumption - LP

Fuel Consumption - NG

Dimensions LxWxH (inches)

Approximate Weight

Engine Warranty (Standby)

Control System Warranty

Generator Warranty (Standby)


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