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Honeywell HX611 Auto Transfer Switch (3Ph, 4P, 200A)


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This Honeywell HX611 Series Automatic Transfer Switch is designed for Three Phase, 4-pole applications up to 200 Amps. These Honeywell contactor-type transfer switches feature double-throw robust switch construction with inherent interlocks to ensure safe positive transfer between power sources. The contacts are silver composite for long life, resisting pitting or burning. The switches are rated for full load transfers in mission critical, emergency, legally required, and optional power systems.


  • Double-throw stored-energy transfer mechanism. Mechanically interlocked to prevent connection of both sources. Open with in-phase transition.
  • High withstand and closing ratings.
  • Three-cycle rated for easy upstream breaker coordination.
  • Small footprint for reduced installation time and costs.
  • Removable back plate with components for easy installation.
  • Removable top and bottom plates for cable entry.
  • Enclosure choice of NEMA 1 (indoor) or NEMA 3R (outdoor).
  • NEMA 3R enclosure includes heater kit and controller covers.
  • ETL Listed to UL 1008.
  • NFPA 37, 70, 99, 110. NFPA 110 compliant for 10 second transfer.
  • NEC Rated for Optional Standby Systems (702), Legally Required Systems (701), Emergency Systems (700), and Critical Operation Power Systems (708).


HXC 100 Controller

  • Three Phase Under and Over Voltage Sensing on Normal and Emergency Sources.
  • Phase Sequence Sensing for Phase Sensitive Loads.
  • Graphical LCD-Based Display for Programming, System Diagnostics and Help Menu Display Mimic.
  • Front Programmable Control Reduces PPE Needs and Arc Flash Hazard.
  • Diagram with Source Available and Connected LED Indicator.
  • Time-Stamped Event History Log.
  • Standard engine exerciser integrated into control with daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly options.
  • Built in Battery Backup – Increases Switch Reliability and Reduces Switch Transition Time to Alternate Source.
  • Battery Backup Able to Power the Controller for up to 60 Minutes in the Event of No Source Availability.
  • Accessible USB Port for Easy Data Downloads & Firmware Updates.
  • Heater Programmable through Control for Desired Temperature and Humidity Settings.
  • Under and Over Frequency Sensing on Normal and Emergency.
  • Sensing on Normal, Emergency and Load 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Auxiliary Input Includes: Permissive Inputs (24 VDC).
  • Auxiliary Output Includes: Two Wire Start, Signal Before Transfer, Fault, and a Programmable Relay Output.
  • General Alarm Indication.
  • Modbus RTU Communications.


HX611 100-400A Brochure

HX Series Brochure


Please Request a Quote for transfer switches with these options.

  • Chicago Code Kit
  • Emergency Inhibit
  • Selectable Retransfer
  • Manual Generator Retransfer
  • Open with Delayed Transition: Time Delay in Neutral Transition (TDN)
  • Expandable Input/Output Board Module: Includes 4 Relay Outputs and 4 Optically Isolated Inputs
  • Extended Warranties: 5, 7, 10 years.



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Withstand Rating

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Full Dimensions HxWxD (inches)

Weight (NEMA 1)

Weight (NEMA 3R)



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