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Mosebach XL750-800 Trailer Load Bank (750-800kW)

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The Mosebach XL750 and XL800 Trailer Resistive Load Banks are ideal for applications at different locations, and offer a max capacity up to 800kW. Available with or without a trailer.


  • XL750 Load Capacity: Up to 750kW at 240 & 480 VAC 3PH 60Hz. Derates to 562.5kW at 208 VAC 3PH 60Hz.
  • XL800 Load Capacity: Up to 800kW at 240 & 480 VAC 3PH 60Hz. Derates to 600kW at 208 VAC 3PH 60Hz.
  • Duty Cycle: Rated for continuous operation.
  • Load Step Resolution: 5kW at 240/480V.
  • Controls: Local manual control panel includes Power On/Off switch, Master Load On/Off switch, and Individual Load Step switches. Control panel cover protects the controls from the weather.
  • Instrumentation: Digital metering (V, A, Hz, kW) and data logging via a USB port.
  • Control/Cooling Power: From internal load or external 240 or 480V 3PH source.
  • Cooling System: Panel fan providing 14,400 CFM.
  • Load Elements: Mosebach’s Cross Wire Resistor have no ceramics and therefore are lighter and more durable than any other resistor on the market today. The resistors are supported by high temperature Mica supports.
  • Safety Features: Branch circuit fusing for all resistor elements, Automatic voltage sensing and protection, Automatic phase sensing and correction, Air flow sensors to ensure adequate cooling air gets to the resistors.
  • Load Connections: Quick disconnect cam-type male connectors on the front of the load bank (5 per phase, 2 ground).
  • Enclosure: Rugged powder coated steel enclosure with forklift channels, louvers, and lover covers.


  • Dual-Axle DOT Trailer (Electric Brakes, Pintle or Ball Hitch, Spare Tire)
  • Set of Three Motorized Cable Reels (Up to 600ft of cable per reel)
  • Reels Enclosure


XL750-800 Spec Sheet

Multi-Unit Remote Control Software


  • Multi-Unit Remote Control Software Kit
  • Integral Space Heater Kit
  • Bus Bar Connections (instead of cams)
  • Starter Spare Parts Kit
  • Extended Warranty
  • NRTL Certification
  • Single Voltage Options
  • Steadypower 25ft or 50ft Load Cable Set

XL750 Max Capacity

XL800 Max Capacity

Load Step Resolution

Control/Blower Power

Dimensions LxWxH (inches)

XL750 Weight

XL800 Weight



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