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Mosebach XS6000-HV Load Bank (3000-6000kW)

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The Mosebach XS6000-HV Medium Voltage Outdoor Resistive Load Bank is ideal for testing medium-voltage loads up to 6000kW. The XS6000-HV is a true medium voltage load bank – eliminating the need for a costly step-down transformer.


  • Load Capacity Options: Max capacity of 3000, 4500, or 6000 kW.
  • Standard Voltage Options: 4160V, 12470V, 13200V, or 13800V.
  • Load Step Resolution: Typically 50kW or 250kW.
  • Controller: Local manual toggle switch controller. Controls include: Main On/Off switch, Master Load On/Off switch, and Individual Load Step switches. Visual indicators advise if an airflow or over temperature condition exists.
  • Instrumentation: A digital meter measures power, voltage, current, and frequency. The data port allows you to record the testing to your laptop.
  • Control/Cooling Power: Internal or external power of 480V is used for blower and control power.
  • Safety Features: Circuit fuses, Soft-start starters, Over-temperature sensors, and airflow sensors.
  • Load Connections: Bus Bar with blank plate on the side of the unit for customer to make permanent connections.
  • Load Bank Enclosure: Heavy duty steel enclosure with durable scratch resistant powder-coated finish. Top has lifting hooks for crane maneuvering. Extendable legs to keep low profile.


XS6000-HV Spec Sheet


  • Remote Control
  • Multi-Unit Control
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Start-Up Service
  • Other kW and Medium Voltage Ratings

Max Capacity Options

Three Phase Medium Voltage Options

Minimum Load Step Resolution

Control Power

Dimensions LxWxH (inches)

Weight - Load Bank



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