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MQ Whisperwatt DCA20SPX Generator (22kW)

Our Generator Price: $30,569.00
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The MQ Power Whisperwatt DCA20SPXU4F mobile diesel generator offers up to 22 kW of single phase power at a quiet 63 dBA.


  • Great source of single phase power for construction and residential applications.
  • Full load acceptance of standby nameplate rating in one step (NFPA 110, para 5-13.2.6).
  • Automatic start/stop control automatically starts generator during a commercial power failure when used with a transfer switch.
  • ECU750 — automatic CANBUS engine control with LED status indicator lights.
  • Complete engine analog instrumentation includes DC ammeter, oil pressure gauge, water temp. gauge, fuel level gauge, tachometer/hour meter and emergency shutdown monitors.
  • Complete generator analog instrumentation includes voltage regulator control, ammeter phase selector switch, AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, frequency meter, panel light, and circuit breaker.
  • Automatic safety shutdown system monitors water temperature, engine oil pressure, overspeed and overcrank; warning lights indicate abnormal conditions.
  • Main line circuit breaker with 90A rating.
  • Complete power panel. Fully covered; single-phase terminals and single phase receptacles allow fast and convenient hookup for most applications including temporary power boxes, tools and lighting equipment. All are NEMA standard.
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provides precise regulation.
  • Electronic Governor Control — isochronous control, maintains frequency to within ±0.25% from no load to full load.
  • Heavy duty, 4-cycle, direct injection, turbocharged, EGR, DOC, EPA Tier 4 Final certified, Isuzu diesel engine.
  • Fuel/water separator removes condensation from fuel for extended engine life. Panel mounted alarm light included.
  • Internal fuel tank with direct reading fuel gauges.
  • Spill containment — Bunded design protects environment by capturing up to 124% of engine fluids.
  • Sound-attenuated, weather-resistant, steel housing.
  • E-coat and powder coat paint provides durability and weather protection.
  • Fully lockable enclosure allows safe unattended operation.


DCA20SPXU4F Spec Sheet


  • TRLR25US2
  • TRLR75XF2 (with 100 gallon fuel cell; requires a mounting kit)

(See below for further information)

OPTIONS (Order with Generator)

  • Audible Alarm (MQPAUDIBLEALARM) – ADD $276.00
  • Battery Charger (MQPBCKIT-J) – ADD $456.00
  • Battery Disconnect Switch (MQPBATTSWITCH125) – ADD $193.00
  • Camlock Connections (Single Set) (CAMLOK1KIT) – ADD $635.00
  • Cold Weather Block Heater (MQPHEATKIT-A) – ADD $476.00
  • Emergency Stop Button (MQPESTOPKIT) – ADD $214.00
  • External Fuel Three-Way Manual Fuel Valve (MQP3WAYVALVE20) – ADD $711.00
  • External Fuel Three-Way Automatic Fuel Valve (MQP3WAYAUTOKIT-A) – ADD $808.00
  • Low Coolant Shutdown (LCSD12KIT) – ADD $794.00
  • Solar Battery Charger (MQPSOLAR12) – ADD $897.00
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