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Multiquip GB3LEDC GloBug Balloon Light (Cart)


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The Multiquip GB3LEDC Globug Balloon Light Tower offers up to 38,000 total lumens of non-glare light, supported by a heavy duty cart that accepts most 1000-2000 watt portable generators. The LED light offers longer bulb life, cooler operation, and lower operating costs.


  • Superior Lighting Properties – Color consistency is near perfect, with better color rendering and overall quality.
  • Shock resistant LED assembly – Protects the lamps and water resistant.
  • Long life hours, low maintenance – Up to 40,000 hours of operating life per bulb.
  • Safer; LED holds less heat – LED Lamps (158°) vs. Metal Halide (422°).
  • Three-stage dimming controls (100W, 200W, 300W).
  • Safe, convenient operating process – Instant start and restarting.
  • Environmentally, economically smart – LED reduces operating costs and CO2 emissions up to 85%.
  • Easy mobility – Features a 4-wheel cart with stability outriggers, handle, room for a 1000-2000W generator, and a 3-stage air-assisted mast.
  • Self-inflating balloons – Full inflation in less than 20 seconds.


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