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Power Assemblies Camlock Panel (1200A)


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Free Shipping in the Continental United States
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The Power Assemblies Camlock Panel (1200A) is pre-assembled to reduce labor time and installation costs – no more cutting individual holes for panel-mounted cams.


  • Panel includes 15 color-coded male camlock receptacles for 1200A applications.
  • Choice of Three Phase 120/208V colors (Black, Red, Blue, White, Green) or Three Phase 277/480V colors (Orange, Brown, Yellow, White, Green).
  • High density configuration allows more connections per sq/ft
  • Standard panel configurations offered to meet most temporary power applications.
  • Custom designs and configurations are quickly produced to meet your specific requirements – please call us to inquire.
  • Choice of 90-degree camlock receptacles or 45-degree camlock receptacles.
  • Camlock connector covers included: 45-degree camlock connectors come with caps/lanyards, and 90-degree camlock connectors come with choice of caps/lanyards or clear snap-back covers.
  • Choice of Double Set Screw or Threaded Post building connections.
  • 1/8” powder coated aluminum is non-ferrous and minimizes eddy currents.
  • Plastic panels also available – please call to order.


Camlock Panel Brochure

OPTIONS (Call for Pricing)

  • Female Camlock Connections.
  • Single Phase Configurations.
  • No Neutral Configurations.
  • Other Voltages: 120V, 208V, 240V, 480V, 600V, 347/600V.

Amperage Rating

Three Phase Voltage Options

Cam-Lock Male Panel Mounts

Camlock Angle & Cover

, ,

Three Phase Panel Mount Configuration

Permanent Connection to Load


Dimensions HxWxD (inches)

Shipping Weight

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