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Simplex Electra Portable Load Bank (450-700kW)

Electra 500: $31,819.00
Electra 600: $34,488.00
Electra 700: $38,342.00
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The Simplex Electra Portable Resistive Load Bank is designed to provide manufacturers, distributors, and users of large AC generators and UPS systems with sophisticated testing capability up to 700kW.


  • Load Capacity: Max capacity up to 500, 600, or 700 kW at 240 and 480 VAC, 3PH, 60Hz. Capacity derates at other voltages.
  • Duty Cycle: Rated for continuous operation.
  • Digital Load Step Control: Nominal 5kW resolution – direct enter any load value, and controller will apply load within nominal 5kW resolution.
  • Digital Control: PLC based control with 8-inch color TFT touchscreen interface. MODBUS over TCP/IP network communication. Touchscreen easily removable from panel.
  • Instrumentation: Digital power transducer with built-in communication to digital controller. Data display on touchscreen. Data acquisition and recording.
  • Control Power Supply: Dual voltage control power transformer with supply power switchable to internal (generator) or external source w/ 15ft power cord.
  • Cooling System: Forced Air
  • Load Elements: Simplex Powr-Web chromium alloy, open wire, continuously supported, power resistor.
  • Load Element Circuit Protection: Branch circuit fuses. One set of fuses each 50KW branch. Fuses are current limiting type, 200KAIC, 600V, enabling safe use on large generating or UPS system.
  • Malfunction Detection System: Protection against fan failure, high exhaust air temperature, high intake air temperature, over-voltage and fan reversal. Exhaust air temperature displays on screen.
  • Load Connection: Cam-type power connectors.
  • Enclosure: Indoor enclosure with casters, lifting eyes, and forklift channels.
  • Network Capable: Any number of Electra and dynaMITE Load Banks can be combined for large system capacities and networked for central control and data acquisition.
  • UL Listed.
Electra Comparison Chart
Model Max Capacity Full Load Amps Cooling
500 KW at 240/480V 3Ph
325 KW at 208/416V 3Ph
313 KW at 380V 3Ph
333 KW at 240V 1Ph
1202A at 240V
601A at 480V
10,500 CFM
3HP Motor
2 Ground
600 KW at 240/480V 3Ph
450 KW at 208/416V 3Ph
376 KW at 380V 3Ph
400 KW at 240V 1Ph
1442A at 240V
721A at 480V
12,500 CFM
5HP Motor
2 Ground
700 KW at 240/480V 3Ph
525 KW at 208/416V 3Ph
439 KW at 380V 3Ph
467 KW at 240V 1Ph
1683A at 240V
842A at 480V
12,500 CFM
5HP Motor
2 Ground


Electra Brochure

Simplex One-Year Parts Only Warranty


  • 400 Hz modification – Call for Pricing
  • Network control cables – Call for Pricing
  • Remote control cable extensions – Call for Pricing
  • Simplex AUTO-TEST software for full automation of testing with data acquisition and report generation – Call for Pricing
  • 12’ connection cable set including 3-phase power cables, ground cable, stored in rear compartment – Call for Pricing
  • Weather resistant enclosure for 500-600 models (ELECTRA-WEATHER) – ADD $2,741.00
  • Highway trailer for 500-600 models (ELECTRA-TRAILER) – ADD $16,502.00
  • Steadypower 20ft or 50ft Cable Set (see below to order)

Full Load Amps

Digital Load Step Control

Control/Cooling Power

Cooling System

Max Air Temp Rise

Ambient Air Temp

Power Connection

Dimensions HxWxD (inches)


Limited Warranty


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