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Simplex Load Cube Resistive/Reactive Load Bank (3125kVA)

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The Simplex Load Cube Resistive/Reactive Load Bank offers ultra-large capacity testing, maintenance, and performance proving of large diesel generators, turbines, paralleled generators, and shipboard generators.


  • Load Capacity: Max capacity of 3125 KVA at 0.8 pf (2500 kW resistive, 1875 KVAR inductive) at 480 or 600 VAC 3PH 60Hz.
  • Load Step Resolution: 10kW / 7.5kVAR minimum.
  • Duty Cycle: Rated for continuous operation.
  • System Controls: PLC based digital control with remote operator interface terminal; Direct access digital load control; User programmable automatic load control
  • Control Power: Internal derived from power source under load via a 120V transformer.
  • Cooling: Approximately 60,000 CFM using two cooling fans; Power operated intake and exhaust louvers with protective screen; Forced air cooling with horizontal airflow.
  • Load Elements: Simplex Powr-Web chromium alloy, open wire, continuously supported, power resistor; Rack-mounted iron-core inductive load elements.
  • Element Circuit Protection: Branch circuit fuses, each 50KW resistive branch circuit max, each 75kvar inductive branch circuit max; 600V, 200kAIC, current limiting type.
  • System Protection: Sensors, alarms (alarm message on remote operator interface terminal), lock-outs as appropriate, for the following: fan failure, high exhaust temperature, high intake temperature, high interior temperature (sensed at three points).
  • Load Connections: Plated bus bar behind hinge-up access door.
  • Enclosure: Type 3R control section; Type 3R power section. Epoxy primed, polyurethane finish coating, dark gray. Power operated ventilation louvers. Lifting eyes, forklift channels, hinged, lockable, access doors with flush latches.


Load Cube Brochure

Load Cube Features & Dimensions

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  • Digital power meter
  • Data acquisition software
  • Remote controller, suitcase-style or panel mount
  • Cam-type power connections
  • Non-standard voltage ratings
  • Multi-unit control
Max Capacity



Digital Load Step Control

Load Step Circuits (kW)

Load Step Circuits (kVAR)

Control/Cooling Power

Cooling Fan


Dimensions HxWxD (inches)


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