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Simplex Neptune Trailer Load Bank (400-650kW)

Load Bank & Optional Trailer Prices Below in Table
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The Simplex Neptune Trailer-Mounted Load Bank is designed for high capacity load testing of generators, periodic reliability exercise of standby generators, regenerative power absorption of inertial motors with reverse power protection of generators, and other load bank applications. Available with or without trailer.

Standard Neptune Trailer Models
Model Number:
Cam Connections
Our Price
400-3-208 400 kW 208V 3 per Phase,
1 Ground
400-3-480 400 kW 480V 2 per Phase,
1 Ground
400-3-240/480 400 kW 240 & 480V 3 per Phase,
1 Ground
450-3-208 450 kW 208V 4 per Phase,
1 Ground
450-3-480 450 kW 480V 2 per Phase,
1 Ground
500-3-208 500 kW 208V 4 per Phase,
1 Ground
500-3-480 500 kW 480V 2 per Phase,
1 Ground
500-3-240/480 500 kW 240 & 480V 4 per Phase,
1 Ground
600-3-480 600 kW 480V 2 per Phase,
1 Ground
600-3-240/480 600 kW 240 & 480V 4 per Phase,
1 Ground
650-3-480 650 kW 480V 3 per Phase,
1 Ground
650-3-240/480 650 kW 240 & 480V 5 per Phase,
2 Ground


  • Load Capacity Options: Max capacity up to 400, 450, 500, 600, or 650kW.
  • Common Voltage Options: Single voltage 208 or 480VAC. Dual Voltage 240/480V – derates at lower voltages. Other 50, 60, & 400Hz voltages up to 600V also available.
  • Load Step Resolution: 5kW minimum.
  • Duty Cycle: Rated for continuous operation.
  • Digital Control: The Simplex D-Series Digital Controller is PLC-based, network capable, and comes with a local color TFT touch-screen operator interface (remote touch-screen also available – see Options below).
  • Instrumentation: Digital monitoring and data logging capabilities.
  • Control Power: Internal from load bus. Control circuits operate at 120V via transformer. Control circuits are fused.
  • Cooling Power: Internal from load bus. Cooling fan operates at 3-phase line voltage.
  • Cooling: Integral forced air cooling system; 3-phase, direct drive motor; Forced air, vertical airflow — cold air intake at bottom, hot air exhaust at top. Manually-operated exhaust hatch.
  • Load Elements: Elements mounted in easily accessible, slide out trays; Simplex Powr-Web chromium alloy, open wire, continuously supported, power resistor; UL recognized.
  • Load Circuit Protection: Branch circuit fuses. One set of fuses each 50KW branch. Fuses are current limiting type, 200,000 AIC, 600V, enabling safe use on large generating or UPS system.
  • Malfunction Protection: Sensors, alarms (alarm messages and exhaust temperature displays on touch-screen), lock-outs as appropriate, for the following: fan failure, high exhaust temperature and high intake temperature.
  • Load Connections: Cam-type male power connectors.
  • Enclosure: Type 3R weatherproof power section, including load elements and cooling fan; Type 3R weatherproof control section, thermally and electrically isolated from resistive load power section; Double wall construction for cool exterior; Service access from three sides via hinged doors with lockable latches; Finish painted with a UL Listed process consisting of either a powder-coated finish or a liquid-coated finish consisting of an epoxy primer and a polyurethane finish. Manually-operated exhaust hatch.
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): Satisfies the requirements for emergency stand-by power systems.
  • UL Listed.


  • Our Price: $17,580.00
  • Part Number: NEPT-TRLR
  • Extra-heavy duty steel trailer with steel deck. All welded frame construction.
  • Meets all DOT requirements for highway use.
  • 2000-lb. Lift jack.
  • User specified hitch (2 5/16″ ball hitch or 3″ pintle ring hitch adjustable in 2″ increments).
  • 36″ Safety chains with hooks.
  • Electric break-away battery and switch.
  • Electric driving brakes.
  • Mechanical parking brake.
  • DOT lighting and connector. Rear reflectors.


Neptune Load Bank Spec Sheet

Neptune Trailer Load Bank Drawing

D-Series Digital Controller Brochure

Simplex One-Year Parts Only Warranty


  • Additional remote control panel with PLC-based touch-screen in a suitcase enclosure – Call for Pricing
  • Steadypower trailers and reels (see below to order)

60Hz Voltage Options

50Hz Voltage Options

Frequency Options

Load Steps

Control/Cooling Power

Cooling Fan


Dimensions HxWxD (inches)


Trailer Construction

Trailer Lights

Trailer Brakes

Trailer Suspension

Trailer-Vehicle Connections

Trailer Weight Capacity

Trailer Axle and Tires

Dimensions HxWxL with Neptune/Trailer

Weight with Neptune/Trailer

Limited Warranty


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