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Simplex Swift-e Portable Load Bank (10-20kW)


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The Simplex Swift-e Portable Resistive Load Bank is fully self-contained, lightweight, and hand transportable for easy testing and maintaining of small generators and other AC power sources. Complete test instrumentation and connection cables are provided.

Swift-e Models
Model Max
Load Step
HxWxD (inches)
Swift-e 10kW 250W 18 x 20 x 14 50
 Swift-e+ 15kW 250W 18 x 20 x 14 50
Swift-e Ultra 20kW 250W 33 x 20 x 14 120


  • Swift-e Load Capacity: Up to 10kW at 120 & 240 VAC 1-Phase 60Hz.
  • Swift-e+ Load Capacity: Up to 15kW at 120 & 240 VAC 1-Phase 60Hz.
  • Swift-e Ultra Load Capacity: Up to 20kW at 120 & 240 VAC 1-Phase 60Hz.
  • 50Hz Load Capacity: The Swift-e Load Bank Series can also test at 50Hz 115V & 230V with a derated capacity (approximately 92% of the rated capacity).
  • Load Step Resolution: Minimum 250W.
  • Controls: Master load switch, Load step toggle switches, Fan/Control power toggle switch.
  • Instrumentation: Digital Power Meter (Voltage, Amps, KW, Frequency, Power Factor).
  • Control/Cooling Power: Internal from power source being tested.
  • Cooling System: Approximately 500 CFM cooling is provided by on board cooling fans.
  • Load Elements: Sealed, tubular-type element consisting of nichrome resistance wire sealed within an incolloy shealth (nickel alloy). Electrically dead exterior of element reduces hazard of electric shock and short circuit of elements. Elements are rustproof, vibration, and shock proof.
  • Load Element Circuit Protection: Main circuit breaker with overload/short circuit trips.
  • Overtemperature Protection: Sensor to trip main contactor and activate alarm indicator.
  • Overvoltage Protection: Sensor to protect against incorrect connection of load bank (connection of 240V to 120V circuits). Trips main contactor and activates alarm indicator.
  • Load Connections: 10ft Cable set with ring lug terminations.
  • Enclosure: NEMA 1 aluminum enclosure, powder coated nickel-metallic. Includes rubber feet, combination carry handles, and cable wrap.


Swift-e Brochure

Swift-e 10-15kW Drawing

Swift-e 20kW Drawing

Simplex One-Year Parts Only Warranty

OPTIONS (Call to Order)

  • Cable Connectors: NEMA Plugs, CAM-LOK Connectors, Clamps
Max Capacity Options


Phase / Frequency

Load Step Resolution

Control Power

Cooling Fans

Dimensions HxWxD (inches)


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