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Thomson KW Load Shed Control Kit (TS910-TS920)


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The Thomson KW Load Shed Control Kit is ideal for use with a TS910 or TS920 transfer switch when the generator is sized only for a partial system load.

When ordering, match the phase and max amperage of your TS910-TS920 transfer switch to the phase and amperage of the Load Shed Control Kit. (Use a 200A Control Kit for 100A transfer switches.)


  • Provides automatic load shedding control by monitoring system kilowatt load levels at the transfer switch and shedding non-essential loads only as needed.
  • Maximizes available generator capacity where system loads may vary over time (versus the traditional use of the generator auxiliary contact method which sheds non-essential loads during all generator use – standard option on the TS910 and TS920).
  • Utilizes the TSC 9 controller load shed contact to control external non-essential loads via CT input signal.
  • The TSC 9 transfer switch controller provides a load shed LED, current transformer input connectors, and on-board configuration switches for easy implementation of the Kilowatt Load Shed Option Kit.
  • Kit includes two field installable Current Transformers (CTs) with secondary voltage output and TSC 9 Transfer Controller connectors, and instructions for CT installation and set-point configuration on TSC 9 transfer switch controller.

Please Note: The KW Load Shed Kit does not include any external load controlling devices such as load power contactors or distribution subpanels as maybe required by the application.



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