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Thomson Universal Generator Interface (TS910-920)


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The Thomson Universal Generator Interface Start Kit allows the TS910 and TS920 transfer switch to be applied with almost any type of generator set used in standby power applications.


  • Used on applications where the generator set starting control DOES NOT accept a standard ATS dry contact for typical 2-wire start/stop control (2-wire control is standard on the TS910 & TS920).
  • Allows generator sets with 240VAC start/stop control to be interfaced with the TS910 & TS920 transfer switch.
  • Provides fully automatic operation of the transfer switch and generator set to provide standby power when utility power fails.
  • Applicable to 120/240VAC single phase or 120/208VAC three phase TS910 transfer switches, and 120/208VAC TS920 transfer switches.
  • UGI output signal operates at line to line voltage (i.e. 208VAC or 240VAC) and is provided with 10A fused output for an added benefit of allowing an engine block heater up to 2400 watts to be connected on the same control circuit.
  • Kit includes installation instructions, interface 12Vdc control relay, 10A control fuses, interface terminal blocks and control wiring harness with quick-connectors to easily interface with the existing transfer switch.

Please Note: The UGI Kit does not include any external wiring from the ATS to the generator set and requires a 12Vdc engine battery starting system.



TS910 Compatibility

TS920 Compatibility


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