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Ronk 7406-MS-X Transfer Switch (400A/Non-UL)


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The Ronk 7406-MS-X Manual Transfer Switch with Meter Socket is rated up to 400A for single phase 120/240V applications.

NOT UL Listed.
Sold to electric utilities and licensed electrical contractors only.


  • Transfer switch with meter socket in one attractive enclosure to simplify installation.
  • Extra wide and deep enclosure.
  • No-Bypass Meter-Socket with 400:5 amp metering CT.
  • Not Fusible – Quick-Break/Quick-Make.
  • Double Pole Double Throw.
  • Built from durable non-corrosive aluminum.
  • Not Service Entrance Rated.


7406-MS-X Spec Sheet

Model Number




Main Contacts

Aux Contacts

Service Connections - Line Lugs

Service Connections - Neutral

Customer Connections - Aux Lugs

Customer Connections - LoadLugs

Customer Connections - Neutral

Cabinet Type

Service Entrance Rated

Box Dimensions HxWxD (inches)

Full Dimensions HxWxD (inches)


Limited Warranty



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