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Universal R58 DC Portable Load Bank (400-2400A)

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The Universal R58 DC Portable Resistive Load Bank can be used to test any load ranging from 0-58kW at specified voltages from the 12/24/48/72/96/120/144 VDC offered.

Capacity Chart
DC Voltage
DC Current
Load Step
12 VDC 14.4 kW 1200A 200A
24 VDC 57.6 kW 2400A 400A
48 VDC 57.6 kW 1200A 400A
72 VDC 57.6 kW 800A 400A
96 VDC 38.4 kW 400A 400A
120 VDC 48.0 kW 400A 400A
144 VDC 57.6 kW 400A 400A


  • Load Capacity: See Capacity Chart above.
  • Duty Cycle: Rated for intermittent duty.
  • Load Step Resolution: 200A at 12VDC, 400A at other rated DC Voltages.
  • Controls: Digital touchscreen controller.
  • Instrumentation: Digital metering (V, A, kW) and data logging.
  • Control/Cooling Power: Requires 120V single-phase 60Hz external power source.
  • Cooling System: Integrated air-cooled system with 4 high-velocity fans and horizontal airflow.
  • Load Elements: Resistor elements are high-temperature nichrome/mica type exclusively manufactured by Universal Load Banks and supported by stainless steel rods.
  • Safety Features: Over-temperature, over/under voltage, cooling-air loss, load dump, and internal fuses for load element groups.
  • Load Connections: Quick disconnect cam-type male connectors on the back of the load bank.
  • Daisy Chained: Multiple load banks can be daisy chained together for higher load capacity.
  • Enclosure: Compact aluminum indoor enclosure with lifting handles. Includes carrying case with wheels.


R58 Data Sheet

R58 Drawing


  • Better Load Resolution
  • Better Metering Accuracy
Max Capacity

DC Voltage

Load Step Resolution

Control/Blower Power

Dimensions LxWxH (inches)




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