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Asco 300 Quad Ethernet Module 72EE


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The Asco 300 Quad Ethernet Module 72EE Kit enables basic local or remote monitoring and control of Asco 300 transfer switches with the Group G Controller.


Basic Features

  • Provides remote transfer switch and generator control, monitoring, and connectivity features via integrated web page dashboards.
  • Once connected to an Ethernet, Wifi, or Cellular connection, the dashboards can easily be pulled up by any mobile or desktop device on the network by multiple users.
  • Includes Feature Bundle 11BE with programmable engine exerciser and event log (exerciser applicable for automatic transfer switches only).

Control Features

  • Remote transfer and retransfer of the transfer switch.
  • View and bypass time delays.
  • Start and stop generators for emergency situations and testing/maintenance.
  • View generator pick-up and drop-out setpoints for comprehensive understanding of control events.

Monitoring Features

  • Monitor transfer switch and generator stats and alarms.
  • Review calculated transfer statistics and activity.
  • View event log with up to 300 events.
  • Anticipate automated control action, such as, generator start or ATS transfer with active control timer information (for automatic transfer switches only).
  • Interface to an email server for up-to-date alarms and critical power event alerts.

Connectivity Features

  • Connect and extract transfer switch and metering data using industry standard open protocols, such as Modbus and SNMP.
  • Maximize connectivity options and flexibility with an integrated four port ethernet switch.
  • Utilizes AES 128-bit encryption for enhanced data security per National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Embedded password protection only allows access to appropriate users.

Optional Related Products (see Accessories Tab above)

  • 5310 Single Channel Annunciator.
  • 5350 Eight Channel Annunciator.
  • 5210 Power Meter.

Please Note: This option will be factory installed if ordered with an Asco 300 transfer switch. If ordered separately, it will come as a field conversion kit for customer installation.

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