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Ronk Rotoverter Type D Rotary Phase Converter

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The Ronk Rotoverter Type D Phase Converter is a rotary phase converter designed for multiple loads of varying horsepower ratings when the largest motor hp is more than half of the total load hp. Can also be used for non-motor loads. Please call for assistance.


  • 2D: 1PH 240V to 3PH 240V; Converter Size Options of 1.4 – 42VA.
  • 4D: 1PH 480V to 3PH 480V; Converter Size Options of 1.4 – 42kVA.


  • CNC equipment.
  • Compressors: refrigeration, air conditioning.
  • Pumps: centrifugal, heating systems, turbine.
  • Lift stations.
  • Fertilizer plants.
  • Grain dryers.
  • Multiple small motors.


  • Consists of a rotary transformer and one capacitor panel.
  • Patented Tap adjustments give you control over all three phases for balancing currents.
  • Open drip-proof (ODP) Rotary Base.
  • UL Listed.
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty.


  • C-AS: Automatic Start. Automatic start units are supplied with a contactor and associated controls that allow the unit to be integrated with equipment that may cycle automatically from control circuitry containing timers, level or pressure sensors, etc. This allows the rotary transformer to come to speed before the load is energized, as required by Article 455-21 of the NEC.
  • P-CS: Contactor Start.
  • P-DS: Delayed Stop.


Rotoverter Type D Spec Sheet

Rotoverter Type D User Manual

Ronk Limited Warranty

Choosing The Right Phase Converter



  • Single Phase Input Voltage.
  • Application.
  • Each Motor HP or KW.
  • Equipment Operating Three Phase Voltage.
  • Each Motor Nameplate FLA.
  • Each Motor RPM.
  • Power wiring diagram and electrical spec sheet for equipment.
  • For CNC Equipment: Input voltage tolerance – Plus %, Minus %, and Voltage. Equipment and VFD nameplate information – Brand Name, Model Number, FLA, Peak HP, Continuous HP. Copy of the input power circuit wiring diagram of CNC. Is there a three-phase transformer on the input of machine? Will the main drive motor instantaneously forward and reverse, as in a tapping program?
  • For Air Compressors: Each motor kW, V, FLA. Does the motor cycle on and off, such as in a cycling piston air compressor? Does the motor run continuously while the compressor loads and unloads the motor, such as in a rotary screw air compressor? Does the compressor motor starter uses any three-phase electronics, and if so please what type?
  • For Air Conditioning Compressors: A/C supplier, brand, and model number. Each air compressor RLA, LRA, & volts. Each electric heater load, current, & phase (if applicable). Each fan hp, FLA, Volts, & Phase. Power wiring diagram and motor diagram for new equipment.
  • For Non-Motor Applications: Application, Brand Name, Model Number, Nominal Voltage, Minimum and Maximum Tolerance (V), Minimum Load (kW & Amps), Typical Load (kw & Amps), Peak Load (kW & Amps).




Converter Size

Single Phase Full Load Amps

Dimensions HxWxD (inches)


Limited Warranty


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