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Thomson TS910SE Auto Transfer Switch (1Ph, 400A)


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Thomson TS 910 SE Automatic Transfer Switches are perfect for residential and light commercial applications. These switches employ a power contactor switching unit with a microprocessor based controller to automatically start a generator and transfer system load to the generator supply in the event of a utility supply failure. System load is automatically re-transferred back to the utility supply following restoration of the utility power source to within normal operating limits. All load transfer sequences are “Open Transition” (i.e. “break-before-make”) utilizing an in-phase transfer detection control sequence. Service Entrance Rated.

Power Contactor Switching Units

  • 100% Continuous Current Ratings for use with all load types
  • Suitable for Copper and Aluminum power cable connections
  • High Short Circuit Withstand Ratings when used with upstream molded case circuit breakers

Reliable Solenoid Operated Transfer Mechanism

  • Fast Operation allows In-Phase Power Transfer
  • Electrical and Mechanical Interlocked mechanism prevents simultaneous closure of Utility and Generator sources

Service Entrance Rated

  • Utility service disconnect breaker switch
  • Non-adjustable thermal-magnetic over-current protection on utility
  • Still requires upstream over-current protection for the generator source (not included)

Superior Serviceability

  • Plug-in Control Devices allow superior field serviceability
  • Enclosed Power Contacts for safe operation and maintenance

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturing Facilities
  • Complies with NEMA & UL50, UL 508, IEEE C62.41, C37.90.1; FCC CFR 47 Part 15, Class B; IEC EN 61000 Electromagnetic Capability

Safety Standards

  • UL 1008 Listed Automatic Transfer Switches for use in optional standby Systems

Control Features

  • New/Advanced TSC 9 Series Transfer Controller with features specifically designed for Residential and Light Commercial ATS applications. User programmable timers, Simple LED interface
  • Normal Operation Status LED Lights: Load on Utility & Load on Generator, Utility & Generator Source Available, Engine Start Activated, Load Shed Activated
  • Diagnostic LEDs: System OK, Alarm, Wait For Transfer, Diagnostic
  • USB Port Factory Programming/Diagnostic
  • Voltage sensing on Utility & Generator
  • Generator AC frequency sensing
  • Utility under voltage control set point 70% dropout (fixed)
  • Generator Set points: under voltage 70% dropout (fixed), under frequency 90% pick-up (fixed)
  • Engine warm-up timer (Selectable 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec)
  • Utility return timer (Selectable 10 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec)
  • Engine start timer (Selectable 3 sec, 6 sec, 10 sec)
  • Engine cool down timer (Selectable 60, 120, 300 sec)
  • Integrated Programmable Generator Exercise Timer with easy to configure 7, 14 or 28 day, On-load or Off-load Programmability, initiate pushbutton & light
  • Local utility power fail simulation test pushbutton & LED, front faceplate mounted
  • Engine start contact (5A, 120/240VAC resistive max.)
  • Load Shed contact (5A, 120/240VAC resistive max) for optional automatic load shedding of selected non-essential loads when power source is switched to the generator. (Optional Load Shed Control Kits are also available)
  • Alarm Output (100ma, 24Vdc)


TS910 Brochure

TS910 Quick Start Guide

TS910 Manual

TS910 Warranty


Please see the Accessories Tab for more information and to order.

  • Enclosure Heater Kit
  • Surge Protection Device
  • KW Load Shed Control Kit
  • Universal Generator Interface Start Kit
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Withstand Rating @ 240VAC


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Service Entrance Rated

Engine Start Contacts

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