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Asco 300 MUS Manual Transfer Switch (1Ph, 800A)


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This ASCO Series 300 (MUS) Service Entrance Manual Transfer Switch is designed to manually transfer single phase loads up to 800A. Ideal for commercial, telecom, municipal, healthcare, and light industrial applications.


  • Ideal for manually switching to a temporary generator during a power outage.
  • Can be used to satisfy NEC 700.3 requirements to provide connection to a temporary generator while a permanent generator is being serviced.
  • Manual operating handle with center-off position.
  • ASCO’s reliable, field-proven, transfer switching technology.
  • Modular compact design is easy to install and maintain.
  • Molded Case Circuit Breaker with Electronic Trip on the Utility Side for Service Entrance Rating.
  • Floor-mounted NEMA 1 indoor enclosure or NEMA 3R secure outdoor enclosure (see options below for other enclosures).
  • Optional Accessory 170 offers LED indicators and Form C contacts for switch position and source availability, and the further options of phase rotation monitoring, a maintained engine start switch, and an IO module for building management system integration (See Accessories below).
  • UL 1008 Listed and UL 891 Listed.


Asco 300 Manual Transfer Switch Brochure

Asco 300 Frame H Operator’s Manual

Asco 300 MUS Frame H 800A NEMA 1 Drawing

Asco 300 MUS Frame H 800A NEMA 3R Drawing

Asco 300 Warranty


Please Call to Order Transfer Switches With These Options:

  • Other 60Hz single phase voltages – up to 600 VAC.
  • 50Hz frequency/voltages.
  • Other enclosures: UL Type 4 Secure, UL Type 3RX Secure (316) Stainless Steel, or UL Type 4X Secure (316) Stainless Steel.

Please Note: Some Specs (including withstand ratings, dimensions, and weights) may vary with some of the options above.


  • Accessory 170 User Interface/Annunciation – Offers LED indicators and Form C contacts for transfer switch position and source availability. Can be configured with or without phase rotation monitoring, a keyed or unkeyed maintained engine start switch with common alarm LED/contact, and an IO module for building management system integration. (Factory-installed – must be ordered with the transfer switch)
  • Accessory 44A Strip Heater – Prevents condensation and freezing of condensation. External 120 volt power source required. Thermostat included. (Available as a factory-installed option or can be installed later as a field kit)
Model Number






Withstand Rating @ 480V


Frame / Cabinet Type

Service Entrance Rated

Full Dimensions HxWxD (inches)

Weight (NEMA 1)

Weight (NEMA 3R)



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