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Asco 7000 Tech Package 150

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The Asco 7000 Tech Package 150 is the easiest way to locally and remotely manage your critical power transfer. The 150A/B Package Includes Accessory 1PS1 UPS, Accessory 72EE2 Connectivity Module 5170, Power Meter 5210 or 5400 Series, CTs, and Shorting Blocks. 150B includes Bypass Status Monitoring via discrete I/O (for Bypass Transfer Switches). The 150AT/BT adds the Touch Display Interface (TDI).


  • Accessory 1PS1 UPS offers extended 25 second ride through for ATS controller, 135L Power Meter, and 72EE2 Connectivity Module.
  • Accessory 72EE2 Ethernet Connectivity Module 5170 provides easy and reliable Ethernet connectivity to the transfer switch for monitoring and control. Contains embedded web pages for the remote monitoring of ASCO products, as well as some 3rd party devices. Also provides Serial-to-Ethernet link with ability to communicate using Modbus/TCP. Includes four ethernet ports and one RS485 port.
  • Optional Accessory 135L Power Meter 5210 offers local monitoring of power and energy information on the Asco 4000 load side. Includes CTs and LCD Display.
  • Optional Accessory 140L Power Meter 5400 Series continuously records waveforms at high-speed and identifies transients, sags/swells and harmonics. Installation examples include generators, utility mains, transfer switches, UPS systems, paralleling gear, TVSS, PDUs, and critical power distribution switchboards. See brochure below for options and specs.
  • Optional Touch Display Interface (TDI) is the best way to comprehensively connect to and manage your power transfer switch. The TDI enables you to centrally monitor, control and log the performance of transfer and bypass switches and power meters from a single device. It provides you with quick access to real-time information and historical event logs needed to increase the reliability, efficiency, and regulatory compliance of your power system.
Tech Package Options
 Meter Option  Standard Tech Package  Tech Package with TDI
5210 Power Meter 150A 150T
5410 Power Meter 150A1 150AT1
5450 Power Meter 150A2 150AT2
5490 Power Meter 150A3 150AT3

For Bypass Switches, replace the “A” with a “B”, e.g. 150A become 150B.


72EE2 Ethernet Connectivity Module 5170 Brochure

140L Power Meter 5400 Series Brochure

Tech Package Specs & Options

Factory-installed. Must be ordered with an Asco 7000 transfer switch, if required.

Accessory Number

Transfer Switch Compatibility


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