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Avtron 4800 Stationary Load Bank (750-3000kW)

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The Avtron 4800 Permanent Load Bank is designed for outdoor installation and offers a max capacity up to 3000 kW.

Standard 4800 480V Models
Load Step
Our Price
4810-750-3-480 750 kW 5 kW $42,237.00
4810-750-3-480-50 750 kW 50 kW $39,919.00
4810-1000-3-480 1000 kW 5 kW $46,729.00
4810-1000-3-480-50 1000 kW 50 kW $43,586.00
4820-1250-3-480 1250 kW 5 kW $70,638.00
4820-1250-3-480-50 1250 kW 50 kW $68,832.00
4820-1500-3-480 1500 kW 5 kW $75,226.00
4820-1500-3-480-50 1500 kW 50 kW $74,187.00
4820-1750-3-480-50 1750 kW 50 kW $76,972.00
4820-2000-3-480 2000 kW 5 kW $86,353.00
4820-2000-3-480-50 2000 kW 50 kW $82,319.00
4830-2500-3-480 2500 kW 5 kW $123,430.00
4830-2500-3-480-50 2500 kW 50 kW $122,156.00
4830-3000-3-480 3000 kW 5 kW $132,446.00
4830-3000-3-480-50 3000 kW 50 kW $129,404.00


  • 4810 Load Capacity: Max capacity of 750 or 1000 kW.
  • 4820 Load Capacity: Max capacity of 1250, 1500, 1750, or 2000 kW.
  • 4830 Load Capacity: Max capacity of 2500 or 3000 kW.
  • Standard Voltage Options: 3PH 208V, 3PH 240V, or 3PH 480V.
  • Duty Cycle: Rated for continuous operation.
  • Load Step Resolution: Choice of 5kW or 50kW minimum.
  • Controller: Remote manual toggle switch controller w/ NEMA 4 wall-mount enclosure. Controls include: Power On/Off switch, Blower Start/ Stop push buttons, Master Load On/Off switch, and Individual Load Step switches. Visual indicators include: Power On, Blower On, and Blower/Air Failure. See Options and Spec Sheet below for other options.
  • Control Power: An Integral Control Power Transformer is provided for control circuit operation. Also see Options below.
  • Cooling Power: Blower motor is factory-wired to the main load bus.
  • Cooling: Approximately 20,000 CFM cooling per individual vertical frame is provided by integral TEFC or TEAO motor which is direct coupled to the cooling fan blade. Vertical airflow and discharge. The fan motor is fully protected with fuses, motor starter contractor, and overload relay.
  • Load Elements: Avtron load banks use helically wound chromium alloy Helidyne elements. Elements are fully supported across their entire length by segmented ceramic insulators on stainless steel rods.
  • Safety Features: Branch circuit fusing, a differential pressure switch provides cooling air loss protection, an over-temperature switch is provided to sense load bank exhaust temperature, blower motor circuit is protected by current limiting fuses, and thermal overload relays, operator warning and caution statements are located on appropriate access panels.
  • Load Connection: Copper bus bars with NEMA pattern are provided for customer load connections.
  • Enclosure: Heavy-gauge aluminized steel outdoor enclosure with high quality baked polyester powder coated finish. Designed for continuous outdoor weatherproof operation on a concrete pad or structural base. Forklift channels are provided in the base for lifting.
  • UL Listed.


Avtron 4800 Spec Sheet

Avtron 4810 Drawing

Avtron 4820 Drawing

Avtron 4830 Drawing

Avtron 4000 Series Brochure

Avtron 2-Year Warranty


  • Our Price: $871.00
  • Wired to the Load Bank.
  • Replaces the standard Remote Controller.

OPTIONAL ADMS Digital Power Meter (R2C)

  • Our Price: $2,100.00
  • Provides 3-line digital display of Voltage, Current, Frequency, and Power Measurements.
  • Allows real-time data acquisition and data logging from a Laptop PC or PDA.
  • See brochure for more details.

OPTIONAL Automatic Load Control (R4)

  • Our Price: $1,940.00
  • Automatically keeps a minimum load on a generator set.
  • Loose current transformer provided to monitor building current.
  • Ability to toggle between automatic and manual modes.
  • See brochure for more details.

OPTIONAL Sigma 2 Controls

  • Control Platform (R6A) – Our Price: $6,853.00
  • Intelligent Hand-held Terminal (IHT) Controller w/ 10-Meter Interface Cable (1171503) – Our Price: $2,688.00
  • Sigma 2 replaces the standard Toggle Switch Controls on single-voltage 4100 load banks with 5kW Load Step Resolution.
  • The Control Platform requires a Hand-held controller with interconnection cable (see above) or another Sigma 2 control option.
  • See brochure for more details and other control options.


  • Remote Monitoring – includes dry contacts for blower on/off, normal operation/fault shutdown, load applied/load off, and ethernet reporting (R11B) – ADD $697.00
  • 4810 Arctic Rating for low temperature applications (R5B) – ADD $2,089.00
  • 4820 Arctic Rating for low temperature applications (R5C) – ADD $4,178.00
  • 4830 Arctic Rating for low temperature applications (R5D) – ADD $6,267.00
  • Control Power from External 120V 1PH 60Hz Source (instead of a Control Power Transformer)
  • Further Control Options (see Spec Sheet)
  • Other Capacity/Voltage/Frequency Options available
Minimum Load Step Resolution

Control Power

4810 Dimensions LxWxH (inches)

4820 Dimensions LxWxH (inches)

4830 Dimensions LxWxH (inches)

4810 Weight

4820 Weight

4830 Weight

Limited Warranty


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